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AV Channel is a fictional channel managed by Wikia Users. It is created solely for fun and to showcase the amazing ideas that each individual on here has. Established on November 2014, AV Channel is a channel targeted for audiences from 15 and up. Its programming consists of comedy sitcoms, drama, supernatural, fantasy, sci-fi, including Original Movies. It is part of The Fanfic Channel Network, which also houses another fictional channel, Fanfic Channel.

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Owned by The Fanfic Company, AV Channel is broadcasted mainly in the United States and Canada. The headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington and a main headquarters in New York City, New York.

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  • ...that the company that owns AV Channel, also owns Fanfic Channel?
  • ...that President of The Fanfic Company and AV Channel is producer and writer at Fanfic Channel?

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