The following are the formats that should be followed when creating a page. Once the page is created, an admin will check the page and if it does not agree with the format, it will be edited. The page will be taken down if it is irrelevant to the information here on the wiki and if it violates any policies.


Page Formats
Genre Genre
Created By Creator(s)
Starring List of Main Cast
Country of Origin Country of Origin
Original Language(s) Original Language
No. of Season(s) No. of Season(s)
No. of Episodes Current No. of Episodes
Executive Producer(s) Producer(s)
Camera Setup Camera Format (ex. Multi-camera)
Running Time Running Time
Production Company(s) Production Company
Original Channel Default is AV Channel
Picture Format Picture Format (ex. 720p)
Original Run Date of start to Date of end (Present if ongoing)

Title in Bold is an american series. On this introduction, you will include the names of the creators of the show (With links), as well as the date the pilot was picked up. Include the name of the main cast (with links) and include the date when the series was picked up. Indicate the amount of episodes for the first season. You can include the premiere date/finale date.

If the series is renewed for another season, indicate here with the date and the number of episodes.

Plot (Heading) Edit

Write out a plot to your series that gives the viewers an idea of what the series is about.

Cast and Characters (Heading) Edit

Main Cast (Sub-heading 1) Edit

  • Name of Cast (with link) as Name of Character (with link)
  • Name of Cast (with link) as Name of Character (with link)
  • Name of Cast (with link) as Name of Character (with link)
  • Name of Cast (with link) as Name of Character (with link)

Recurring Cast (Sub-heading 1) Edit

  • Name of Cast (with link) as Name of Character (with link)
  • Name of Cast (with link) as Name of Character (with link)
  • Name of Cast (with link) as Name of Character (with link)

Episodes (Heading) Edit

Table of the season episodes. In sub-heading, write crossovers that may occur in the series.

Production (Heading) Edit

Write out the dates and details of the production of the series, including who is working on the series (production team)


Page Formats
Full Name Full Name of Cast
Birthplace Birthplace
Birthdate Birthdate (Age)
Occupation Occupation(s)
Nationality Nationality (ex. American, Canadian)
Show(s) Links of Tv Appearances
Movie(s) Links of Movie Appearances
Notable Role(s) Notable Role(s) (Major Roles)

Name of Cast in Bold is an American actor. Write on here something about the actor/actress. Managers of the actors can make up something about the actors life and career but these information has to be actual: Full Name, Birthplace, Birthdate, Occupation, Years Active and Nationality.

Early Life (Heading) Edit

Describe the life the actor had before becoming an actor/actress. Talk about family, education, hobbies, and accomplishments outside of being an actor. This should be made up by either the manager or the production team that first creates the actor.

Career (Heading) Edit

Describe the career the actor has. Mention roles in tv shows and films. DO NOT mention any real roles that the actor has had in real life.

Filmography (Heading) Edit

In a table, list all the tv/film appearances and their roles in each. Again, DO NOT mention real roles of the actor.


Page Formats
Full Name Full Name of Character
Birthdate Birthdate
Resides in Resides In
Occupation Occupation (Include School if student)
Parent(s) Parent(s)
Grandparent(s) Grandparent(s)
Sibling(s) Sibling(s)
Children Children
Romance(s) Romance(s)
Other(s) Other(s)
Featured Series Series Actor is featured in
Season(s) Season(s) Present
First Seen First Seen (Episode)
Last Seen Last Seen (Episode)
Portrayed By Actor who portrayed the character

Character Name in Bold is the character. On here, include which series the character is involved in, and a short description of the character (Characteristics, personality, occupation).

About (Heading) Edit

Describe the character in detail, including physical aspects, personality, traits, characteristics, hobbies, career, relationships and family, history, birth, and other stuff.

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